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Company profile

Main brand: weetosion.

The Weetosion team of Weetosion Technology. The Weetosion team is a collection of Weetosion's concentric technology and R&D talents.

Weetosion's R&D mission: To add strength to China's semiconductors! To

Weetosion service concept: [Thoughtful] [Intelligent] [Environmental Protection].

Weetosion technology goal: to build a leading brand of customized design for electronic circuit applications. To

Company business scope: customized design and manufacturing of electronic circuit applications. The so-called customization: customers provide requirements, we carry out software design, hardware circuit design, or product structure evaluation, and then accurately design the electronic circuit products that customers need.

The products involved are: beauty instrument, brushless motor control, balance car, remote shared air purifier, shared power bank, smart socket, smart door controller, sterilization box (box), atomizer, 3D printing pen, Small electronic products for daily use, etc.

Team advantage: Have a complete independent research and development capability of software and hardware, and a complete plastic and hardware supporting team. In the beauty instrument, brushless ESC, Internet of Things application, household disinfection and sterilization, air purifier, 3D printing pen industry has nearly ten years of industry experience and technology precipitation.
The highest degree of the team is a doctorate degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the lowest degree is a full-time college degree. It has a complete departmental structure from R&D and design to production and processing. The high-speed channel for product development, production and sales has been opened up. The company's business volume spreads all over the country, is going to the world, and will shake hands around the world.

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