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How to choose a beauty instrument? How to choose the right way

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-01-13

Summer is here, and skin care is indeed a headache. The temperature is high, the ultraviolet rays are strong, and it is easy to produce oil and sweat. It is really difficult to maintain a delicate image. Especially with the increase of age, facial collagen is lost, and the skin is no longer Q-elasticity. Ordinary skin care products can no longer meet the basic needs of beauty, and need to rely on other external forces.

Are there any beauty artifacts that can help us fight natural aging for a long time and keep young and beautiful?

Beauty instrument is a good choice. If you stick to it for a long time, you will become more and more beautiful. Many problems that can not be solved by skin care products can be easily solved by the beauty instrument. But there are so many beauty instruments on the market, it is important to choose a product that really suits you.

First of all, let's talk about the introductory knowledge of the beauty instrument and refuse to blindly plant grass.

According to different technologies, the current beauty instruments on the market can be roughly divided into six categories: cleansing (cleansing), ionic beauty, LED photoelectric, EMS micro current, radio frequency and laser beauty.

You can choose the beauty instrument with corresponding function according to your skin condition. The above six categories of beauty instruments are just from a certain technology. Many brands of beauty instruments on the market are now N-in-one, and these products often incorporate more than two different technologies. For example, several popular brands in the past two years, such as GEVILAN and YA-MAN, usually use the brand's unique program design and combine two or more technologies to act on the skin at the same time in order to achieve better care. effect.

Today we come to talk about the RF beauty instrument. As mentioned above, there are many advantages of the RF beauty instrument, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, and quick results. Furthermore, some RF beauty instruments on the market now combine the popular red light, blue light, infrared light, etc., which are multi-purpose and cost-effective.
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