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Intelligent humidifier in dry days

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-01-13

In the autumn and winter seasons, especially in the winter in the north, the indoor air will be extremely dry due to the arrival of heating. In addition to the dry air that makes people feel uncomfortable, sore throat, and dry skin, it is also very bad for wooden furniture and other products at home. At this time, increasing the humidity level of the air becomes very important. Humidifier products are also very important. Born for operations.

In the early days, people often sprayed water on the ground to increase the humidity of indoor air in winter. However, with the improvement of people's living standards, wooden flooring, carpets and other furniture products also appeared in our homes more and more. Although simple and efficient, it is neither elegant nor convenient, so it is very important to have a humidifier at this time. Among the hundred-dollar humidifier products, Tmall Genie's custom-made bear smart humidifier is a very worthwhile product.

At present, the mainstream humidifier on the market is still an ultrasonic humidifier. Its principle is to atomize the water into ultra-fine particles of 1 to 5 microns by the high-frequency oscillation of the ultrasonic wave, and continuously generate water mist to improve the air. The humidity reaches the proper air humidity range in the room. Traditional humidifiers are almost the same in terms of humidification capacity, but because people are not as sensitive to the humidity in the air, it will cause a series of very disturbing, such as forgetting the humidifier although the air is very dry, or excessive humidification. problem. The Tmall Genie joint custom-made bear humidifier JSQ-C30Q1, which is priced at 169 yuan, was born to solve these problems.

萌萌 's appearance captures the girl's heart

As a domestic appliance brand focusing on small home appliances, Xiaoxiong Electric has been deeply cultivating in the field of humidifiers. Its humidifier products are highly cost-effective. The smart humidifier products jointly customized with Tmall Genie bring more to the field of humidifiers. A whole new direction.

This humidifier uses a white plastic shell design, the overall structure is very simple and reasonable, the fuselage is moderate in height, whether it is placed on the ground or on the table, it feels very harmonious. At the same time, the workmanship of this humidifier is also very sophisticated. The plastic of the shell adopts a matte process design, which is more difficult to scratch and has a stronger texture.

The whole machine is mainly divided into two parts, the main body and the water tank. The upper part like the handle is the water tank of the humidifier. It has a volume of 3L and can hold 6 bottles of 500ml of pure water. There is no need to add water frequently during use. Our actual measurement shows that even after being filled with water for 8 hours and humidified, the remaining half of the capacity in the water tank is still very durable.

The “handle” part of the water tank uses a circle of silver decoration, so that the texture of the whole machine can be further improved. The water inlet is located at the bottom of the water tank. After the black water inlet plug is unscrewed, water can be added. Because of the ultrasonic humidification principle, we also recommend that you add pure water when adding water. Ions are sprayed with water mist, which prolongs the life of the humidifier.
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