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What is the strength of intelligent humidifier compared with ordinary humidifier?

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-01-13

With the advancement of our technology, our home has been filled with a variety of smart products. In the end, intelligence is more flexible than ordinary, so that small products that "do not move" and "do not speak" seem to have Wisdom-minded to help the owner, when the cold winter comes each year, you need to turn on various electrical appliances to warm the home, which will cause some of the water vapor in the air to heat up and evaporate, so many families are ready to buy humidifier , The emerging intelligent technology has also been applied to this product, then there must be netizens who will be confused about these two different humidification machines, curious about the differences between them, then let Xiaobian to relieve this doubt for netizens Right.

Ordinary humidifier

Due to the great climate differences between the north and south regions of China, the climate in the south is humid, and the north will become dry in winter. People in the north have to need such a machine to humidify the air, so people invented such a This machine, and gradually incorporate high technology into it. The working principle of the humidifier mainly includes three technical solutions: ultrasonic, electric heating, and cold evaporation. The ultrasonic humidification machine uses ultrasonic technology to change water molecules into tiny particles and negative oxygen ions in the state of water mist. The blowing device inside the machine achieves the purpose of humidifying the air.

Electric heating uses electricity, which heats water to evaporate to produce mist, and then sends them to the air through cold electricity; cold evaporation technology uses a pressure water pump to convert water into water and spray it into a condenser, which is then discharged through the machine like air. Doing not only make the condenser overheat itself, but also make the air humid. One operation can facilitate two objects. The perfect design of the humidifying machine also helps us improve the quality of life.

Smart humidifier

Many common intelligent humidification machines on the market now use humidification technology that allows water molecules to evaporate, because evaporation technology is safer than ultrasonic technology and prevents harmful particles in the water from being absorbed by our body. For example, a mobile phone company recently released The intelligent humidifying machine that breathes comfortably, the word "smart" represents not only high-tech, but also more humane. The intelligent humidifier has many more functions than ordinary ones. As for the above machine, its maximum humidification capacity is 1,200 ml / h, and the water quality used does not require specific requirements, and ordinary tap water can be used. Its fastest speed is to evaporate nine liters of water in seven hours.

Other similar humidifiers also have a time setting of one hour, three hours, six hours, and always maintain this humane setting, so that when we want to set the time before going to sleep, we do n’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. It ’s there, and there are these seven color change modes in appearance. This mode can completely attract children at home, which is like a small toy. Its power-off mode is the safest and most convenient to prevent dry burning. The power is cut off, and the smart humidifier can also be controlled by voice through the mobile phone APP. Just opening your mouth can save the labor of legs, feet and hands. The design of such humidifiers has a variety of appearances, which can be placed on the desktop or on the floor of the living room. The functions have been diversified, and a more healthy humidification treatment method makes users more comfortable and convenient. .

The word "intelligence" not only brings convenience to the people, but also refreshes the air, makes our environment healthy and natural, and improves our mood. Intelligence is more human than we need now, and technology continues to develop rapidly. Let us no longer use those immobile and indifferent machines. The intelligent and powerful developed technology from our research makes them as motivated as us and makes them a little helper in our lives. Let us no longer Take the initiative to find them and realize such an intelligent new experience that objects actively serve the owner.
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