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Skin care "instrument era", with the right instrument, skin care with half the effort

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-01-13

In the high-tech era, skin care has also become high-tech. Some high-tech skin care products have begun to replace traditional skin care products, and the skin-care effects of various skin care devices are different. So how do you choose skin care devices? Today, Xiaomao organized several skincare instruments with different functions to see how amazing the beauty effect of the "Equipment Age" is.

FOREO Luna Cleansing Device
The pioneering cleansing instrument, Luna Cleanser, has successfully captured the hearts of young girls with its macarons-like appearance design. It is the darling of skin care equipment in the past two years and deeply cleans the skin through transcutaneous sonic pulse technology. One side of the cleansing instrument is a fine-bristle brush for cleaning a large area of the face, and one side is a coarse-bristle brush for partial cleaning of the oily area. The main principle is to unblock pores by sonic vibration, balance facial oils, improve acne muscles, and accelerate facial microcirculation. Luna Cleansing Device also designed two sizes for the product, namely mini and Plus. Plus is suitable for use at home. The mini is easy to carry and suitable for traveling. The price of the product is higher. If you want to try it, you can buy the mini version first. .

The REFA face-lifting instrument, known as the "Lady's Face-lifting Instrument", has a platinum-plated appearance and a multi-angle facet structure. Its overall appearance is luxurious and noble. Many people are vying for it based on their appearance. This face-reducing instrument mainly relies on two rollers to conform to the lines of the face. It has a "beautician" massage technique, and the "micro current" generated by the solar panel can effectively tighten the contours of the face and accelerate the face. Blood circulation to smooth fine lines. There is also a unique waterproof design, which can clean the rollers directly, and it is not afraid of damage when water enters, which is very convenient to use.

BEAUTY BAR 24K Gold Beauty Stick
A hot beauty item that has been popular in Japan for many years. The T-shaped head is plated with 24k pure gold. This beauty stick can vibrate 6000 times per second and effectively release gold negative ions. It can stimulate the dermis to secrete more collagen, remove free radicals, enhance the elastic activity of facial muscles, and promote facial blood circulation and metabolism. Activates the production of skin's own collagen, thereby delaying and improving the occurrence of natural aging such as skin relaxation, wrinkles, stains, bags under the eyes and multiple jaws caused by aging.

DR.ARRIVO THE ZEUS Gold Phantom Beauty Instrument
Zeus beauty instrument is the most complete beauty instrument at present, combining five major technologies to shape flawless skin. Intermediate frequency intermittent electric pulse highly simulated shiatsu massage, let the skin enjoy a different SPA experience. Ultra-pulsed electroporation opens the skin pores and allows the skin to better absorb nutrients. Micro-current muscle movement can stimulate the skin to lift up and tighten the facial contours. Quadruple Color Light Therapy addresses various skin problems, effectively whitens, removes acne, reduces lines, cares and rejuvenates the skin. The VR vibration system relieves the current stimulus and provides all-round massage and soothing for the skin.

THE BEAUTOOLS Pore Cleansing Blackhead Shovel Platinum Edition
Designed specifically for blackhead cleaning, this platinum version has a very shiny appearance, and a unique platinum thick gold-plated skin rejuvenation head, similar to the head of a shovel, which can clean deep pores. In addition, it is also equipped with several silicone protective sleeves. The use of different silicone sleeves will produce different results. Ultrasonic and vibration waves can be converted into a clean mode to clean pores and remove blackheads; a moisturizing mode can allow skin care products to be fully absorbed by the skin; a lift mode can be used in conjunction with cream massage to lift the skin.

The existence of beauty equipment can be said to be the gospel of lazy skin care. A wide variety of beauty equipment has made many people dazzle their eyes. When choosing a beauty equipment, you should prescribe the right medicine and use the corresponding equipment for skin problems.
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