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What is air purifier

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-01-13

The intelligent mobile air purification robot can move autonomously, find air pollution sources, and purify the air. Combining the characteristics of traditional air purifiers and robots, it breaks through the limitations of traditional air purifiers that can only be fixed-point purification, bringing clean air to each room, and achieving gradient-free purification of the entire house.

Air purification robots are generally equipped with an LDS laser scanning system, an environment identification system that can monitor air changes in real time, a walking identification system that can sensitively avoid obstacles, and a 3M professional purification filter material that matches the air inlet surface, and can purify the air layer by layer, filter Sterilization in one step.

First, the intelligent mobile air purification robot is capable of mobile cruise purification. The intelligent mobile air purification robot combines traditional air purifiers and intelligent robots to automatically cruise and purify the entire house. The innovative LDS laser scanning system can scan the home environment in 360 degrees in parallel, update the electronic map in real time, and guide the machine. As long as the user sets a purification point in each room, the intelligent mobile air purification robot will autonomously move to different purification points, automatically sense the air quality of the surrounding environment, and perform purification work. When the air quality at one purification point reaches high quality, it will enter another purification point for optimization according to the set order. Bring clean air to every space and quickly realize gradient-free purification of the whole house.

Secondly, smart mobile air purification robots can be connected in real time using mobile phone apps. Through the mobile APP, you can check the indoor air quality and purification effect at any time, and synchronously record the data to achieve remote control. At the same time, you can make scheduled appointments for seven days, select the purification mode, and view the historical records, share to the circle of friends, etc.
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