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Beauty instrument and personal care

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-01-13

The ion beauty instrument is an ultra-compact and multi-functional beauty instrument carefully designed according to the bioelectronic characteristics of the skin, which is very easy to carry. Whether you are at home or traveling, you can easily care for your skin anytime, anywhere: five functions of this instrument They are:
(1) Skin cleansing
(2) Export of redundant items
(3) Nutrient ion introduction
(4) Easy massage
(5) Micro-wave soothing peeling
Use effect and working principle
The basement membrane of the skin is responsible for resisting the harmful effects of foreign substances and the environment; at the same time, it prevents the skin from absorbing nutrients. In other words: no matter how good cosmetics, if you just use your hands to poke around, then I'm sorry, they can only absorb up to 15%. What about the rest? Wasted! Is there any way to make our skin absorb more good cosmetics? Yes, we can only use the help of "beauty current"-pulse current, which can produce negative ions function, through the skin basement membrane to expel the impurities in the deep pores, accelerate circulation and through the absorption capacity, nutrients directly reach deep skin To keep clear, transparent and healthy skin. Our multi-functional beauty instrument is an integrated IC chip and integrated circuit, which generates pulse currents suitable for human eyes and faces-that is, special beauty instruments that can generate negative ions.

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